The most practical wilderness survival recommendation!

I am sure some of you maybe know abouth the story of Robinson Crusoe, or have watched the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks, which are the story about the main character struggles to survive on a deserted island after an accident .

There are also other great survival documentaries, such as ‘Man vs. Wild’, but Edward Michael Grylls basically finished chanllenges with all the tool. By contrast, Ed Stafford started his survival challenge with nothing excepting a camera, not even allowed to wear clothes when he boarded the island. This is closer to reality becasue if accident happended, you won’t have time and chance to choose what survival tools that you want to bring.

Then, if accident really happended, you had to survive on a deserted island and was given a chance to choose 3 things below to bring with you, what would they be?

Shovel, lighter, dagger, tent, axe, fishing net, sleeping bag, magnifying glass, first aid medical kit, rope, clothes, shoes.

I would choose magnifying glass, axe and shoes. Why I would choose these three?

1.Magnifying Glass

Firstly, I would choose a magnifying glass because I dont know how long I would be stranned on the island. What if I had to stay at there for over a month? Morden product such as lighter can be run out by time, but magnifying glass can be used much longer and durable than lighter unless it is broken. You can use magnifying glass to make fire forever as long as you keep it carefully.


If you had an axe, you would live much easier in a deserted island. Cutting trees to make a tent, hunting to make food, or protecting yourself from being eaten by animals, all this suitations need an axe. A knife maybe too small to handle more possible circumstances, axe would be more powerful.


Shoes could protect me from being hurted make me run fast if I were in dangerous.

here are must be many reefs and twigs on a deserted island, which could hurt our feets if we were walking barefoot. It would be very dangerours if you were hurted on a deserted island, you might die because of infection! That’s horrible!

Beside, a nice quality of shoes can make us run faster in hunting as well as escaping from fierce animal attacks. Therefore, it is important to have a shoes that can protect our feets and can adapt to the wilds.

I am a jungle explorer and love expeditions with my friends. In expeditions, there are many accidents which are unpredictable, like we have many times being hurted by rocks and twigs, or even slip and fall beacuse of wet groud, these could kill us if you were in a no man’s land.

To avoid these dangerours, me and my friends will wear a non-slip sport shoes designed for ourdoor used. This shoes is very comfotable and durable!

This shoes has extra thick sole, soft and breathable upper, and drying fast, you can wear it in any water activities. I am sure you definitly will love it once you try, because it is so comfortable and so convenient!

1. Lightweight spandex fabric, extra thick sole.

*Flexible frabric, stretchable up to 5-8x; slip-on style, easy to take on and off.

*Acid and alkali resistant, not easy to deteriorate, more durable.

2.Rubber sole with excellent slip resistance.

*Qualified abrasion resistant strength and indestructible material; and it is stretchable and durable.

*High performance in slip resistant, grip and flexibility. Soft sole gives your a comfortable as well as safe wearing experience.

*Rubber sole is able to protect feet from injury caused by rocks, gravel, shells, as well as to prevent burns by hot sand or asphalt pavement. Also, the non-slip tread patterns on the sole will provide more grip.

3.well-ventilated and drainage, able to use in dry-land and wate.

*SEEKWAY water shoes are flexible and made with mesh material for enhanced breathability, which helps keep feet cool. This also allows for improved water flow when submerged and better drainage when out of the water.

*The sole of SEEKWAY water shoes are made with quick drying material, which is able to drain water out but at the same time keep sand off your feet.


*A built-in split-toe shields design to help prevent stubbed toes.

While wading through water with unpredictable and rocky terrain, such as riverbeds and ocean floors, water shoes are capable of preventing bumps and bangs to your toes and preventing slips.

5.More colors available

Now more colors are available, you must could find the one that you’re looking for. Each color is fashinable and could meet your different needs for different outfits.

Come on and grab a pair of SEEKWAY water shoes your like!