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seekway story

SEEKWAY was born in the beach. It is a unique and brave challenger, who is flexible in the wave. It is also a free traveler, enjoying the warm sunshine and cool sea breeze.

SEEKWAY originated as a way to provide soles protecting and comfortable clothing for beach side and river traveling. We provide lighter, more breathable, and softer soles so that we can get rid of the superfluous wearing. In outdoor activities and leisure vacations, you can experience the most comfortable and unrestrained feeling of feet.

SEEKWAY’s direction and goal is to return to nature. It explores the relationship between man and nature through its continuous development and growth, so that people can reintegrate into nature and enjoy it better, hoping to bring people the most real and romantic natural experience.

SEEKWAY takes you away from the worldly noise, takes you on an outdoor vacation with your family and close friends, and gives you heart-beating memories while enjoying nature beauty.