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Why I need water shoes?

Scarlett Ann
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Ahhh, yes! The dog days of summer come here, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. traverse deep into the wilderness for a weeklong excursion of camping, hiking, and swimming. Like any seasoned vacationer, top-of-mind items that I tend to pack first include the tent and all its accessories, an extra-large cooler, trekking poles, hydration packs, and, of course, water shoes.

Why I need water shoes?
Think any shoe will be just fine in the water? Think again. If you’ve ever stepped on a sharp rock with bare feet or slipped on a dock wearing flip flops

I highly recommend you always have your kids wear water shoes at any indoor water park.
I will never go to an indoor waterpark again unless I have thick sandals.
Here is my friend's story:
Staph infection and cellulitis are very serious and can be misdiagnosed. They went to the ER and then to their PCP the next day and they thought it was a blood blister. Then following day his entire toe was purple so they took him to the ER again and they immediately performed surgery to remove the infection.
They are not out of the woods yet. They cut out a major portion of the inside of his toe and we are praying it heals naturally, the infection stays away and plastic surgery is not needed.
Have your kids wear water shoes or sandals at indoor waterparks.


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Yaseen Lakhani
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I wouldn't go in strange waters without water shoes. I remember snorkeling at Ke Beach in Kauai and there was some black sea animal with porcupine type spines. I would have hated to step on one of those and ruin a vacation.