Of course, I started buying water shoes from a very early age, and since I got my foot cut by a sharp stone at the beach, I bring them every time I go to the beach to play. Because they can protect my feet very well.

So if you’re going to the beach to play in the water,we think it is important to have a pair of shoes with excellent performance and quality that can protect our feet well from injury.

Then, how to select a pair of shoes that is suitable for going out on a water adventure in this season? We believe that these shoes should meet the following requirements.


1、The soles of the shoes should be sufficiently non-slip

This is the most important function to be aware of when making selection of shoes.

As we all know, the reef beach by the sea and the stones by the stream, are washed by water day by day and covered with moss, their surface becomes too smooth so that people will easily slip and fall when stepping on them . Every year, a large number of slip and fall injury cases occur at beach.

Therefore, non-slip must be an first-consideration important function when picking shoes.


2、Shoes should have all-round drainage system


When doing sports at the beach, a large amount of mud and sand or small stones would enter our shoes with water. In order to reduce the wear and tear on feet caused by mud and sand, as well as prevent cutting our feet from small stones, beach sneakers also need to have a good drainage function.

Generally speaking, it means that the upper, insole and sole of our shoes should have a corresponding number of water leaks to drain the water, also mud and small stones out of the shoes.


3、Shoes should be comfortable enough to wear and fully protect our feet

Walking on the beach can make us feel a greater resistance and burden than usual, so we need a comfortable pair of shoes to make it easier on our feet.

In addition, there are inevitably some pile of rocks or broken shells, twigs at the beach. Just imagine if you accidentally step on them while walking, your feet would be hurt and that’s such a nightmare for a wonderful trip!

So a pair of good shoes should be able to protect your feet from any possible injury.


4、The upper material must be quick-drying

During beach activities, we won’t spend our entire time in water. We would go to the shore to drink coconut water, lie on lounge chairs to sunbathe and chat with friends ……

If th shoes can’t dry quickly and have been wet after going to shore from water, which can’t not only make us feel uncomfortable but also cause contagious fungal infection;

Also, The residual moisture in the sole and insole will reduce the friction between ground and shoes, and between shoes and feet. Therefore, we might still slip and fall because of the wet shoes even though walking on dry floor, which is a horrible safety hazards.

Choosing quick-drying materials as much as possible, so that the shoes can quickly return to dryness after water comes out.


5、Shoes should also have a solid toe cap


Shoes should have a solid toe cap so that it is able to prevent injury to the toes from falling objects.

The waves may become muddy with sand, which might makes us unable to see the underwater situation. Our toes can easily hit the rocks at the bottom or sunken objects during the process, it is very necessary to have a solid toe cap to protect our feet.

At this point, some of you might still don’t know what shoes could meet the all requirements listed above. I’m here to recommend you a water shoes that I often wear and have repurchased several times! This water shoes has fashionable outlook as well as excellent quality, I love it so much. It is now available on Amazon!

SEEKWAY-Comfortable WaterShoes


1、Breathable fabric-Air layer quick-Drying fabric

SEEKWAY water shoes upper using the lining, middle and outer three layers of sandwich-type structure air layer fabric. In the middle of the inner and outer layers of the fabric, there are countless extremely tiny fine hairs between them, because the structure of the inter-layer gap is larger, the air can circulate inside the fabric, then bringing better breathability.

This material has excellent evacuation properties, which can quickly transfer moisture and sweat from the inside of the shoe through the fine hairs to the outermost layer of the upper, where they come into contact with the flowing air and evaporate quickly, bringing lasting dryness and comfort to the feet.

Wearing such shoes, whether you are treading water at the beach, outdoor running, or indoor yoga, dance practice, you do not need to worry about the trouble caused by sweaty feet.

In addition, another advantage of the air layer fabric of SEEKWAY water is that gives sheos a stronger flexibility and resistance to deformation then usual. No wrinkles will appear during wearing process, no matter how you fold it.


So you can feel free to wear it to do whatever you want! Even if you run a marathon and fold it a thousand times, I assure it still looks perfect as new!


2、The secret of blistering pace-EVA + tpr ultra-lightweight midsole design

As a sport shoes wearing in outdoor, it must be light enough to let us enjoy the fun!

Just to imagine that if you wear a pair of bulky shoes to the beach, which makes you feel like walking with two stones tying on your legs. What the worse is that if the shoes are not hydrophobic, heavy and wet could make you feel even more uncomfortable.

For every 1 gram increases in the weight of a shoe, the burden on the foot is equivalent to adding dozens of grams of weight to the human spine. Therefore, please choose light and flexible shoes as much as possible to reduce the burden on your body.

In order to bring a lighter experience and enjoy the fun of playing in the water, the SEEKWAY design and development team developed an EVA+tpr ultra-lightweight midsole material for water shoes, allowing the sole to guarantee elasticity, at the same time to reduce the weight of the sole.


EVA full name vinyl acetate co-polymer, is a polymer material. The mid-sole of shoes made of it has the advantages of light weight, good elasticity, high softness, not easy to wrinkle, and suitable for all kinds of climate.

It is generally used in the mid-sole of jogging shoes, casual shoes and soccer training shoes. New sports technology brand NIKE also often use EVA material in their running shoes mid-sole. For example, the Phylon series is used to the same EVA material, bringing more excellent sports performance and more comfortable wearing experience to athletes.

The other new odorless environmental polymer material is tpr. It is a good continuation of the EVA material lightness, resilience and softness, but also enhancing the performance of the mid-sole in hardness, density, tensile strength, tearing and extensibility. The sole has better shock absorption and resilience, and higher wear resistance. Because the characteristics of environmentally friendly and odorless , it is often used in children’s sports shoes.

However, the SEEKWAY’s midsole is a creative fusion of two technologies, EVA+tpr midsole is launched. This midsole is lighter and stiffer enough to face different outdoor extremes, while being softer and also providing excellent shock absorption. Your feet will feel more relaxed and less tried even on long distance walks .

If you like to surf or play in the water at the beach, then I highly recommend you bring a pair of water shoes with you. I believe they will make your trip more fun!


3、Anti-slip and anti-sand SEEKWAY has thought about everything you’ve considered

Some of people unwilling to wear shoes in water because they are worried that the mud will get into their shoes and cause friction on their feet, posing a risk of stinging and injury.

However, we often get the soles of our feet stabbed by beach debris, sharp shells and some tree branches without wearing shoes, , which can easily become infected.

With this in mind, SEEKWAY has designed its water shoes with a stretchy, retractable linling that fits snugly around the foot and effectively prevents mud and sand from flowing into the shoes.


Moreover, the upper of SEEKWAY is also made of a double-layer sand and drainage fabric, which is able to drain water out , while sand and mud from outside can’t get in. With the constriction opening, all together forms an all-round sand and drainage system, there is no need to worry about sand entering the shoe and rubbing your feet!

As for the anti-slip sole, SEEKWAY uses a non-slip formula out-sole inspired by the frog’s flippers. It has a unique suction cup shape to ensure the full contact between the sole and ground and improve the rubber adhesion of the sole. This greatly reduces the probability of slipping and gives us more safety and protection.


(SEEKWAY water shoes has anti-slip coefficient of 0.6, higher than the industry standard of 0.4, non-slip, anti-puncture, reliable!)

In addition, SEEKWAY’s honeycomb sports insole also provides a great help to anti-slip. Uniform honeycomb air permeability holes can let the airflow under the foot circulate smoothly, so that our feet could stay dry. Also, the anti-slip mesh fabric could enhance the stability of the footbed.

Fianlly, let’s talk about the price. Such a breathable and quick-drying, lightweight and shock-absorbing, sand and slip resistant, functional water shoe, however it is very affordable! SEEKWAY’s brand philosophy is to bring users more quality but affordable life goodies, so that consumers can spend less but enjoy more. Brands shrink margins on product pricing.

A pair of well-made, functional SEEKWAY water shoes is now 40% off on Amazon! Only $14 to bring one home! Why wait? Come on and get one right now, bring your SEEKWAY water shoes to enjoy this wonderful summer!