Free Products, Put It To The Test


This is a program for those who love testing! Testers will get free product samples and share their comments on our products on Amazon, social media, or other online platforms after use.


About Us

SEEKWAY is committed to designing our products according to consumers’ needs and continuously improving our products for providing a better consumer experience. Based on this, Tester Club is established to help us learn how we can do better by directly interacting with our consumers.

Your feedback on our products especially the new products will be important for us to see the market reaction and make quick improvements. To raise SEEKWAY’s brand awareness, we also encourage our consumers to share their product experience on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blog, or any trading and traveling websites.


How to become a product tester

Please contact us via email or Facebook:

Email: seekwaydirect@gmail.com

Facebook: Click the link here Freetestshopping and enter keywords “Testerclub”.



It’s as easy as



Anyone meeting our requirements of specified test areas is welcome to join for free.



  1. Why should I take part?

Test and share your comments on the products with other consumers in addition to receiving free products.

  1. What should I do as a member?

We expect our members of testing to honestly share their comments so as to help others make wise purchasing decisions.

  1. If I don’t like the products, can I give a bad review?

Your honest comments will be valuable references for other consumers. If you are not satisfied with the products you get, please feel free to connect with us by email (Email Address: seekwaydirect@gmail.com).